Before we get started, Book Arrows focuses mainly on Young Adult literature, but will sometimes consist of adult or middle grade literature. All reviews are 100 % honest and I will NOT accept or receive any compensation for reviews.

What will you accept for review?

Book Arrows is a primarily Young Adult book blog. Depending on the book, I will also accept adult or middle grade literature. Take a look through my reviews if you want to see what I have previously reviewed before. My favorite genres are contemporary and mystery/thriller. If you want me to review something that isn’t specified here , then contact me and we will see. I accept ARCs and finished copies but I do not accept self published books. If you get no response from me within two weeks of sending your email, then I am not interested. But good luck on your future endeavors! I prefer hard copies but I will accept e-copies from time to time. If you do send me an e-copy, please make sure it is in the .mobi file type.

How do/are your reviews work/formatted?

My reviews consist of…

  • Book Cover
  • Title & Author
  • Publisher
  • Genre
  • Release Date
  • Source I acquired the book from
  • Link to Goodreads page
  • Link for purchasing the book
  • A thank you to whoever sent the book if there was a sender
  • A 100% honest review
  • A rating out of 5 stars

What if you don’t like the book?

If I do not like the book and it has been sent to me for review, then I won’t publish the review if it is under 3 stars. Unless you give me consent to publish it, I will not publish it.

Do you do blog tours/author interviews/giveaways/guest posts?

I am just doing author interviews at the moment, as I am a fairly new blog. But I will soon be doing blog tours/giveaways/guest posts all that fun stuff!

How do I contact you?

You can find all of my contact info here!


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