5e7665f2c71827496bb34b1431005df0Hi! I’m Katie, and I read, a lot. And say Overall a lot.

This is my book blog, Book Arrows! I love books and writing. My favorite types of books are YA, specifically contemporary and mystery/thrillers, but I do love a good fantasy/ action book every now and then.

I hope to do something I truly love someday and right now it’s a tie between writing & physics.

Some other things about me is, I love TV and am always marathoning a show on Netflix. Some of my favorites are Doctor Who and iZombie. I also am obsessed with music and am constantly finding new bands. But my favorite artists are Taylor Swift and Panic! at the Disco.

I also love running and baking. My cat is my entire world. I love all kinds of weather. Traveling the worlds is one of my top things to do in life. I love the color red and totally judge books by their covers.

Well that’s pretty much it for now. I hope you guys enjoy my blog! Thanks so much for reading!

Katie (aka Book Arrows)

PS: If you want to ask me stuff or just want to chat, my twitter: @thebookarrows

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