Discussion: Guilty Pleasure Reads

Hey guys! Today I have my first ever discussion post! Whoo! I want to do more of these in the future so let me know if you like them! I want to talk about Guilty Pleasure Reads. To me, these are books that might not be the best in the world but you can’t help but read them. And maybe you feel embarrassed for reading them, especially in public.


I love to read Guilty Pleasure reads! I feel like in the book community, the books that we read for Guilty Pleasure are kind of frowned up, but that might just be me. One great example of a Guilty Pleasure read, to me, is The Selection series!


I actually really enjoyed this series! I thought it was a fun ride, and yes America could be extremely frustrating at times, but I enjoyed it. It held my attention enough that I could not put it down and made me giddy with cuteness, but it wasn’t the most ground breaking thing I have ever read. That’s what Guilty Pleasure reads should be.

The best thing about Guilty Pleasure reads is they are no commitment but you still enjoy the ride. I also find them super quick and can read them in an afternoon. When I go into one, I know I won’t get attached to the characters but it’s still fun to watch them go on their journey.

So what do you guys think? Do you like reading guilty pleasure books? If so, what are some that you’ve read?


10 thoughts on “Discussion: Guilty Pleasure Reads

  1. Escapades of a Bookworm says:

    Everybody needs a guilty pleasure read 🙂 and having just finished The Selection series I can whole-heartily agree with you about it!

    For me a guilty pleasure is a book that people make you feel guilty about liking – like Twilight, I’ve no read Twilight for a couple of years but I loved it and got mocked because it was a book I enjoyed. Yes it’s not an outstanding book and yes there is some issues with it, but that really shouldn’t matter.

    Books are to be enjoyed and every-bodies tastes differ so it shouldn’t really matter what others with of your book tastes.

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  2. Cayt says:

    I probably do have some guilty pleasure reads but I don’t really refer to them as that. If I like a book, I’ll tell everyone about it no matter what. But there are books I love that I might explain a little or give with a warning, such as “the writing isn’t great but I love it.” I have the same thing with television. There are tons of less than great shows that I love but I’m not guilty about it!

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  3. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads) says:

    I’ve never really understood what a guilty pleasure read is because I guess I’ve never felt that way about a book because if I love a book I’ll shout it out at the rooftops and try make everyone read it regardless if it’s not getting too many great reviews.

    Great post! <33

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  4. Joey @ thoughts and afterthoughts says:

    I think a lot of readers/bloggers don’t enjoy calling books guilty pleasure reads because it sort of has that negative connotation that goes against what reading is ultimately about. When you’re reading in public, it’s uncommon for someone to actually know what you’re reading unless they themselves have 1% of Goodreads in their head or something. So unless the cover is of the skin-revealing-nakedness type then I don’t think anyone will really judge you more than the title and cover of the book (but even then–how would they know what it’s about and why it’d be called a “guilty pleasure”).

    I don’t really know how I feel with books being called guilty pleasures. Perhaps they’re just titles that you aren’t comfortable with sharing with the world that you read (but that’s a weird thing to think about unless it’s errs toward erotica — then I’d understand why you’d feel differently about the world knowing). Man, the world is so judgmental. Like, seriously, why do we do we have this notion of feeling guilty for something of (in theory) lesser quality? Why does it matter?

    TL;DR: *shrug*


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